27 December 2015

I have changed the technology stack for this blog.

This blog was hosted and built on GitHub pages (key technologies: Jekyll and Markdown).

I have moved to:

  • Blog posts written in AsciiDoc

  • JBake (which uses Asciidoctor)

  • Maven for the build

  • GitHub pages to host the output

If you are interested by this setup, have a look at this example project: jbake-sample

My motivations are:

  • Now that I am using Asciidoctor a lot, I really prefer writing my blog posts in the AsciiDoc format.

  • I like to be able to work offline (my use case is "working in the train"). With this setup I can preview the output on my machine before I push the commit to GitHub.

  • RSS/Atom feed is requested for the Eclipse Planet (I cannot use HubPress for this reason).

  • I still use GitHub to host the sources (because I believe in the pull request model) and to host the final result (hosting on GitHub.io is great).

Next steps:

  • Continuous integration with Travis CI

  • Change/improve the Blog theme

Post source on GitHub