08 June 2018

I am working a lot on the OpenAPI Generator project these days. This means that I need to edit OpenAPI Specification files a lot. A specification file is a *.yaml file that describes a REST API.

In Eclipse IDE I have installed the KaiZen OpenAPI Editor plugin. This is an Xtext editor that provides everything that you need to be efficient with your OpenAPI specification: outline, code completion, jumps for references, renaming support…​

KaiZen OpenAPI Editor for Eclipse IDE

It can be installed from the Eclipse Marketplace.

If you use the Eclipse Installer (also called Oomph), you can add this xml snippet to your installation.setup file:

Listing 1. Oomph snippet to install the KaiZen OpenAPI Editor
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

It is free and open-source (EPL). Enjoy.

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